Cotton Candy Blizzard
        I was born in August, and in this wonderful month in the early to mid 2000's they had this wondrous product called by the name "Cotton Candy Blizzard" IT, WAS, SO, GOOOOOOD! Heavenly heavenly cotton candy flavored pink ice cream with cotton candy flavored nerd like candies if I remember correctly. They discontinued it because something was wrong or it wasn't safe to eat.. They should revise their recipe and put it back on the menu! SOOO many people want it back. If you have tasted it you would want it back too T^T... It had a bubblegum blizzard to go with it... I don't remember it that much.. I guess it wasn't that great. I GUARANTEE I WILL FIND A RECIPE AND SHARE IT WITH YOU! The world needs to know the deliciousness of the Cotton Candy Blizzard. Yer........

Bubblegum Blizzard

Commercial for both of them.


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